Your out-sourced auto enrolment journey starts here

Helping your employees to save for their retirement is a good thing, but unless your business is willing and able the administration of a pension scheme can be a costly drain on human resources, and a distraction from business-as-usual. Large company or small, outsource your auto enrolment administration processes to Panoramic to meet your statutory obligations.

How do we do this?

Read on to find out more about how Panoramic can help your business complete its auto enrolment journey.

How we can help you

Outsource your auto enrolment to Panoramic and we’ll take away all the administrative and regulatory processes.

Regulatory issues

If instructed (often before our first meeting), and to save time, we can be registered alongside you for your pension scheme with The Pensions Regulator. Then we’ll continue to liaise with the regulator throughout the ‘staging’ process.

Analysis of needs

We get to know you to better understand your company landscape and the journey you’re on; the number of employees you have, your ambitions for your pension scheme, any existing pension arrangements you may have in place and if additional resources are required – selecting an alternative pension provider for example. We will also help you identify qualifying members and register them to the scheme. FINALLY, WE WILL SET UP THE SCHEME on your behalf.

Informing your employees about workplace pensions

We will assist you in notifying your employees and explaining the auto enrolment processes – either via group presentations or documents from our communications suite.

On-going administration

Auto enrolment is much more than the staging date – the point your scheme becomes active. As well as monthly assessments, we will register new employees to the scheme, and handle the administrative issues surrounding leaving employees and those wishing to opt-out. We will also liaise with your payroll department.


We will help you with all the reporting requirements for your company’s pension returns.

How we charge

Flexibility is the name of the game here. We offer a fully managed Panoramic service where we do all the work. We also offer companies wishing to administrate their own scheme a facility to do so using our ‘system’.


The ‘system’ we employ retains a full audit trail of activity (i.e. issued member letters and assessments) to which our clients have full access. Access continues up to the point that a client leaves the scheme, and stops paying scheme fees.

How we charge

Myths and legends of pension schemes debunked

What we have to say

Alison Sayer

Paraplanner & Pension Technician

“We already have many large schemes in place, so we have all the experience and knowledge we need to administrate smaller schemes too. Our service is perfectly scalable

Case studies

Peter Kitson
Chairman Killgerm Group

“Gary has advised us in respect of all our corporate requirements for pension arrangements including Auto Enrolment, in addition to other employee benefits provision. He also advises main board directors in respect of their corporate and individual requirements”

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