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At Panoramic Wealth Management we offer business owners a range of services to meet their needs – from personal financial planning to ideas to help them take a lesser role in their business, succession planning, selling their business, or making the transition and phasing of a work-life balance into retirement.

How do we do this?

Read on to find out more about how Panoramic can help you complete your personal financial journey.

How we can help you

Choose Panoramic to provide you with advice on personal financial issues relating to your status as a business owner and you’ll have taken your first steps on your journey to making the right strategic financial decisions.

Protecting the business

We are able to help businesses identify, then arrange cover in the event of something unthinkable happening that may affect profitability or doing business-as-usual – the death of a key revenue generating member of staff for example, a shareholding director or partner, and the possible effects on repayments of business loans or commercial mortgages.

Business Protection

Selling your business

We have extensive experience in advising owners looking to sell their business with strategic planning options pre and post-sale.


We work with you to evaluate the benefits of a possible business sale, a suitable sale price, and whether the level of income from the sale is of practical advantage when seen as part of a wider personal financial planning landscape. We will also take into account whether you wish to remain employed, or if any funds are retained within an Escrow Account for a period of time.


When your business is sold it is important to understand how the proceeds can be used as part of your wider financial planning. We are experts in helping our clients complete their financial journey at a personal level, whether it be pension pot building, retirement planning, investments or savings.

Personal Wealth

Getting your tax position right

To maximise income from any sale and translate that into the best income for retirement, it’s important to get this right.

Inheritance tax

Assets from the sale of a business, added to other assets you may have may trigger issues relating to Inheritance Tax. Panoramic will help you mitigate against the effects of Inheritance Tax.

Pension drawdown

The new Pension Freedom rules mean you can now drawdown more money tax efficiently, at an earlier age, than ever before.

Pension Freedom

Individual Savings Account (ISA’s )

You can use your yearly ISA allowance, the income earned from which is tax-free.

Personal Wealth

What we have to say

Gary Jefferies

Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

“Issues relating to protecting or selling businesses are specialist areas, with the business lives of directors and partners often being intertwined. We’re often asked by other professionals to work with them to help advise their clients”.

Case studies

Yvonne Rowsell
Director GKR Scaffolding Limited

“Gary has been providing sound advice and solutions to meet our needs both in relation to our strategic private and business planning, and understands how these interact. He has often been involved in major financial decisions in relation to the company, including our various investments and pensions. 

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