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Business Owners - Case Study

Business Owners Case Study

Panoramic Wealth Management has been providing financial advice to the Managing Director of this successful advertising agency for a number of years. The business is based in the South-East of England and works with well-known brands in the UK and worldwide. 

During our association with the company we have established pensions for the Directors and business protection to mitigate against the possible negative effects on revenue should the unexpected occur, such as Succession Planning, Key Personnel Insurance and Income Replacement for the Directors. We also help the business with a benefits programme for the employees. 

As the business developed they attracted the attention of significant international corporate companies and the business was eventually purchased outright.  

Gary Jefferies, Chartered Financial Planner at Panoramic advised the business pre, during and through to the eventual sale. This included calculating expected level of income that could be generated from the capital post sale and whether this alone provided enough to support lifestyle. In addition we were able to consider the position of taxation with regard to Entrepreneurs Relief as well pension funding and other forms of tax efficient planning.

Once sale proceeds were received Panoramic devised an investment strategy that could provide a high tax efficient income whilst looking to minimise taxation where possible. The basis of the funds offered complete flexibility both at outset and future requirements. 

Post sale we have continued to advise both the Managing Director, and his wife, in respect of their portfolio and overall financial planning.

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