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We believe in openness and honesty when it comes to the way we charge for the expert financial advice we provide to private investors and business owners.

You can learn more about the three levels of service we provide by visiting our library.

Initial Consultation – Free of charge

Working with Panoramic Wealth Management

  • Chartered Financial Planner: £250 per hour
  • Paraplanner: £75 per hour
  • General Administration: £40 per hour

Minimum fee for set up £3,000

Charges by investment value: 

  • 50,000-£100,000: 3%
  • £100,000-£250,000: 2%
  • £250,000-£500,000: 1.75%
  • £500,000-£1million: 1.5%
  • Over £1million: 1%

On-going charge 1% of investment value

To learn more about how Panoramic Wealth Management can help you complete your personal financial journey contact us now on 01892 559 555.