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Our 6-stage advice process

Personal Wealth Becoming a Client

At Panoramic Wealth Management we specialise in helping our clients to realise their financial ambitions and objectives with solutions which perfectly reflect their own personal life journeys and their own personal landscapes. We know this to be true because as we fully back our experience, our expertise and our clients appreciate the quality of the advice and the highest levels of service we provide. 

As a Chartered Financial Planner, I see my role as guiding clients on and through their individual journeys towards the lifestyle they want, whether it be for their personal or their business financial arrangements. 

We are also dedicated to building meaningful and trusted relationships with our clients as this is pivotal to what we do and drives us every day. We simply couldn’t do the job we do if we didn’t.

I’m confident that you’ll find working with Panoramic a rewarding experience and look forward to helping you complete your own personal financial journey and providing you with a high quality service to meet your ambitions and expectations.

“This document details the processes we work to in order to provide you with the best possible advice, the best possible results, at the best possible value.”

Gary Jefferies. Chartered Financial Planner.

Our Advice Process

At Panoramic Wealth Management we have the experience and market knowledge to help you get the most from your finances. Our Financial Planning Process ensures that we manage all of our clients’ financial affairs efficiently, responsibly and ethically:

Step 1 – Starting our Journey Together 

  • A no-obligation, initial discussion in order that we can understand your needs, financial goals and priorities.
  • This meeting is at our expense and the objective is to find out if we are right for you and if we are indeed able to help you.

Step 2 – Decide where you want to go 

Once you instruct us to act on your behalf, we will start to review, amongst other areas: 

  • Your current financial circumstances.
  • What money you have coming in, your average expenditure and what you need to keep in reserve.
  • Details about you and your family, your tax position and financial needs, your future plans and your investment goals.
  • Establish whether you need to take an income from your investments.
  • Establish whether you want to achieve capital growth.
  • Your existing investments to make sure they are still suitable.

An important part of this process is the way we carry out Risk Assessment and Risk Profiling.

  • We ask all clients to complete a ‘FinaMetrica’ risk profile questionnaire. This is a system that is Independent and well proven around the world.
  • This leads to a structured conversation about the risk you can and should take.
  • We will then reach an agreement on the amount of investment risk you are happy to accept and how much investment risk you can afford to take.

Step 3 – Researching the landscape

  • This is about using our Independence to look at the entire market to ensure that our recommendations are suitable for you. Our considerable expertise and experience allows us to impose strict criteria in order to filter the wide range of possible products and funds available down to a narrow range of options for each client. In general, we are seeking to reduce both cost and risks to clients’ portfolios whenever possible.
  • Whilst there are few guarantees in life, strict processes intelligently applied increase the probability of successful outcomes.

Step 4 – Choosing the right direction 

  • This process results in a report confirming our recommendations to you, why they are suitable and what the associated risks and costs are.
  • We work hard to ensure this report is clear, with an objective that you can understand your available options and give informed consent to any agreed action.

Step 5 – You’re on your way 

  • When we have agreed how to proceed we will implement the plan on your behalf.
  • The priorities here are to do so as efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.

Step 6 – Reviews along the way 

  • When we have agreed how to proceed we will implement the plan on your behalf.
  • Whilst the Advice will be as suitable as possible at the time it is given, life has a way of changing.
  • We believe it is important that our clients have continued access to a Planner who can help adjust the Plan in order to reflect these real life changes.
  • This will include regular portfolio reviews in conjunction with a comprehensive review of your financial strategy.
  • We will keep in touch to make sure that any changes to your lifestyle or financial goals are reflected in your portfolio.
  • You will have access to our administration service, which is in place to assist you with general queries and will allow you, where necessary, to have a contact point for communication between yourself and the Product Provider or Fund Manager.
  • You will be able to speak to our Financial Planners on request. This service provides a contact for you to address any issues that cannot be resolved by our friendly and helpful administration team.  

To learn more about how Panoramic Wealth Management can help you complete your Personal Wealth journey contact us now on 01892 559 555.