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Personal Wealth Planning - Case Study

Personal Wealth Case Study

Panoramic Wealth Management acted on behalf of this owner of a well-respected and established Kent based supplier of high-quality materials to major chains and retailers throughout the UK.

Having originally considered options to work well beyond the normal point of retirement, the option to sell the business became a reality.

The business was sold with the intention for our client to work in a reduced capacity post retirement, and at the same time maximise the funds from the eventual sale.

The funds would provide a strong level of income as well as providing an element of capital protection for any future planning.

  • Outright gifts were made to the grown-up children, a strategy designed to limit possible effects of Inheritance Tax – assuming our client lived for a further 7 years.
  • Having already helped our client and his wife with their pension plans, we were also able to maximise the potential of the new Pension Freedoms.
  • We also advised on the provision of tax efficient income by using ISA allowances, and established an additional fund portfolio to provide additional income.
  • And assets were split evenly between our client and his wife for tax and estate purposes.  
  • They also decided to also invest in a portfolio of buy to let properties to assist with their overall income in retirement. 

We continue to provide invaluable help on an on-going basis, and our advice now also covers areas such as estate planning and lasting power-of-attorneys.  

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