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Saving for retirement can feel like a journey in itself, with personal changing landscapes often making people re-evaluate the path they are on. And then there are the changes that are made to the way people can use their pension savings – such as Pension Freedom.

With Pension Freedom you can now drawdown 25% of your pension funds after your 55th birthday - tax free. And should you wish you can also take the residue subject to tax at your highest rate. And there’s more.

How we can help you

Talk to Panoramic about Pension Freedom, and we’ll help you make the most of your pension journey. We can help you understand:

What the changes mean

The new rules now make it possible for you to draw larger sums from your pension than before without the need to purchase an annuity.

Your options

The security of an annuity for example, taking it all, or alternatively drawing an income. Then there’s drawing an income by leaving some of the pot invested, or deciding to defer your decision until another day.

How we work

We’ll work with you to understand your personal financial landscape, your financial ambitions for retirement, and your attitude to risk – all designed to help us manage your expectations, set achievable goals and make certain you don’t run out of money. We do all this before any firm recommendation is made.

Specialist tax advice

Our experience in this area will also help you understand how to make the most of Changes to Pension Tax Treatment allowing you to cascade your pension funds to future generations by maintaining the pension fund.

Implementing the recommendation

Panoramic will be responsible for arranging and documenting your plans.

On-going service

As part of your wider pension plans, including pot building, Panoramic will review and monitor your arrangements and if necessary help you to re-balance them should your personal landscape or ambitions change.

The Guidance Guarantee

Anyone nearing retirement, in a workplace or private pension scheme, will be able to access free and impartial guidance from The Pensions Advisory Service

How we charge

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What we have to say

Alison Sayer

Paraplanner & Pension Technician

“Over 25 years we’re helped many people take advantage of pension drawdown as a part of an overall income in retirement strategy. So we’re perfectly placed  to advise and guide people through the benefits – and pitfalls – of Pension Freedom”

Case studies

Hugh Redgewell

“Gary was able – post a financial healthcheck – to help me assess my various pensions and advise which would be best to maintain on an annuity basis, and which would be best to help me generate cash using the new pension freedoms. I have a project that the cash will help me bring to fruition. 

The new Pension Freedoms have been very effective (and tax-efficient!) for my purposes and Gary has helped me to use them to my best advantage."

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