Your personal wealth journey starts here

At Panoramic Wealth Management we have two mantras. The first says that we want our clients to have the same financial security as we want for ourselves and our own families. The second says that ‘one-size doesn’t fit all’ - we’re all on individual financial journeys, and we’re all living in our own unique and changing personal landscapes.

So we dedicate ourselves to getting to know you well – your current circumstances and financial arrangements, your ambitions and your attitude to risk. The first steps in a journey purposely designed to help and advise you meet your long-term financial goals.

How do we do this?

Read on to find out more about how Panoramic can help you complete your personal financial journey.

Your personal financial plan

Recognising that people have different (and changing) personal landscapes and ambitions is central to creating a personal finance plan. Whilst no two plans are the same, your plan may well feature a blend of the following.

When you’re looking to provide an income in retirement

With 25 years experience in helping clients plan and save for retirement, Panoramic is best placed to advise you as to how to utilise your assets and pension pot with an overall strategy – likely to include portfolio design planning, buy-to-let properties and more.

At retirement this could also include strategies for purchasing an annuity or drawing down an income. We are also able to help you understand and make the most of the new Pension Freedom rules.

Pension Freedom

When you’re looking to build an additional income

You may like the idea of building an additional income, possibly over and above your employment salary and payable at regular intervals.

When looking to invest for a specific purpose

You may also have particular milestone targets in place – paying for school and university fees for example, a holiday home or improvements to your existing home.

When reducing your workload or part retiring

Increasingly, people are looking to work beyond their originally selected retirement date, possibly in a reduced capacity. Pension and investment rules allow for this and with help from Panoramic you can maintain a higher overall level of income and take time to plan for your eventual retirement.

Business Owners

When selling a business

Often when business owners sell their business completely they are looking to generate income from the capital following the sale. Panoramic is able to help you plan and make the most of your money in retirement; at such times you may be considering making gifts - for example to help children purchase a property.

Business Owners

When saving money for yourself – or others

Saving money on a regular basis is always a good idea. Saving money that earns tax-free interest is even smarter. Panoramic will help you both build money and save money at the same time whether for a short-term purpose, a specific reason, or as part of your income in retirement strategy.

When protecting assets against inflation

This is a key consideration when protecting the value of your income and assets. We will help you maintain your financial position and the purchasing power of your assets – usually achieved through a well-diversified portfolio.

When protecting your family and assets

It’s important to plan for the future, but it’s also important to look after the present. Making sure funds are in place to protect loved ones should you unexpectedly die is not only important – it’s the right thing to do. In addition provision can be made to protect the estate against the costs of Inheritance Tax by way of putting in provisions to meet the potential liability.

Protecting your family and assets

When funding for Nursing Homes

The desire to leave assets and funds to the next generation is good, but an aging population has meant that expensive payments for nursing homes can have a dramatic impact upon estates. Panoramic has advised clients for many years as to how assets can be best used to meet nursing home fees and still be able to pass funds onto future generations.

Funding for Nursing Homes

How we can help you

By choosing Panoramic to provide you with financial advice you will have taken your first steps on your personal financial journey.

Before we meet

The process of ‘getting to know you better’ could be sped up if we knew a bit about you in advance. We have created a quick and easy to understand, no-obligation questionnaire. At this moment, it is NOT essential that you complete the questionnaire to work with Panoramic.


Arrange a meeting

Working out your living expenses

An excellent starting point is to review your household expenses as they presently are, and what you expect them to be in the future. Many of us often underestimate both what we actually spend and our future expenditure in retirement. You may like to use our interactive tool to help you do this.

Cashflow Wizard

STAGE 1. Starting our journey together.

This is a no-obligation initial discussion to help us understand your particular personal circumstances, your current financial landscape, the goals you wish to achieve and your priorities.

6-stage advice process

How we charge

We believe in up-front honesty, so early in the journey we’ll explain how we charge for the expert advice we provide.

How we charge

Important information

At this stage there is often cause for reflection. You may decide working with Panoramic is not the right choice for you. We may also feel that we are unable to help you, and we’ll be honest enough to say so. We may be able to give you guidance as to where to seek advice more suiting your needs.

Important information about working with Panoramic

Becoming a Panoramic client

You will be asked to carefully consider, then sign a Client Agreement. We are unable to provide financial advice or create a personal financial plan without an agreement.

STAGE 2. Decide where you want to go

Instruct Panoramic to work on your behalf and we will review amongst other things, details about you and your family, your tax position, your cash-flow and average monthly expenditure, your future plans and your investment goals. We will also help you establish if you’re looking for income or capital growth from your investments.

Importantly we will have a discussion about your attitude to risk - and your capacity for loss. This will involve completing an independent risk profile questionnaire.

STAGE 3. Researching the landscape

Based on the knowledge we have about your current financial circumstances, your future financial ambitions and your risk profile, we will use our extensive experience and independence to look at the entire market to ensure that the services and/or products we are about to recommend - are the right ones for you.

STAGE 4. Choosing the right route

Panoramic will create a report confirming our recommendations and why we believe they are the right ones for you.

STAGE 5. You’re now on your way

Once agreed, we will put your plan into action and take responsibility for arranging and documenting your investments.

STAGE 6. Reviews along the journey

Because of people’s changing personal landscapes, it is important to review your plan on a regular basis – normally each 6 – 12 months - and if necessary re-balance the plan.

Continuing your personal financial journey

We believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships to help guide you through your individual changing landscape and help you complete your personal financial journey.

We offer three levels of service, each designed to meet individual needs, circumstances and ambitions.

Full Financial Management

For clients looking for more wide-ranging guidance and advice across ALL of their assets.

Wealth Management

For clients wanting guidance and advice across MOST of their assets.

Focused advice

For those wishing Panoramic to provide guidance and advice on SPECIFIC assets.

How our service levels compare

How we add value

As experienced financial advisers we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that you make the right strategic decisions at the most important times of your financial journey. We do this by keeping up-to-date with economic developments and emerging financial trends to make certain your money continues to work as hard as it possibly can. Why not also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter?

What we have to say

Gary Jefferies

Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

“I want for my clients exactly what I want for myself and my family – to be financially secure because of the good decisions and choices I make. This drives our thinking each and every day”

Case studies

Robert Leechman
Private Client - Chelsea

“I first met Gary in 2007 when I was looking for advice on my UK deferred pension as a member of the overseas Coca-Cola company scheme. Gary has also advised myself and my wife on utilising tax-efficient investments as well as specialised investments in start-up businesses. He is now advising my daughter with her first venture into investment planning” 

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