Your will, estate and funding care journey starts here

For those wishing to pass money to beneficiaries after their death a suitably written Will is the most obvious answer. It guarantees monies are passed on as intended, can help mitigate against the effects of Inheritance Tax, and ensures your wishes are met.

Because it is a trustee’s legal responsibility to ensure that investments held within a trust are properly managed, the guidance of an experienced and qualified financial adviser in this field is important.

This is where Panoramic Wealth Management can help you on your journey.

How we can help you

Choose Panoramic to help you make informed decisions about passing funds to the next generation in a tax-efficient way, and make arrangements for funding care in later life.

Getting started

Instruct Panoramic as your qualified financial adviser in relation to investments held in trust - within a Will. For example, we can help you manage;

  • Funds left to children, where the investments need to be managed until the child is 18 years of age – and possibly beyond.
  • Funds left by one spouse for the lifetime of a surviving spouse, before eventually being passed to another beneficiary.
  • Funds left by a Grandparent to skip a generation and be passed on to Grandchildren to mitigate the effects of Inheritance Tax – potentially to assist them with University Fees or buying their first house.

Legal obligations

Because trustees are legally obliged* to review the investment funds held within the trust to serve the best interests of the beneficiaries, we’ll help you make certain the funds are performing as desired.

* Trustee Act 2000. The act states that it is the trustees responsibility to obtain the advice of a qualified financial adviser.

Regular reviews

Reviews will take place on a regular basis – ideally at 12 monthly intervals. We will help you understand how the funds are performing and also help you re-evaluate your ambitions for the funds and your attitude to risk.

Investment Portfolio Design

As well as ensuring your trust assets are in the appropriate investment vehicle, Panoramic can help tailor informed investment decisions to make sure you meet your trustee obligations.

How we charge

Funding care

Panoramic will also provide advice for people looking to fund their own care should they not be able to stay in their own home following a life changing event – such as ill-health, the death of a partner or relatives living too far away. We also provide advice with people acting as a lasting Power of Attorney.

Funding for Nursing Homes

What we have to say

Gary Jefferies

Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

“I’ve been helping trustees make the best of investments for which they are responsible for 25 years and more. Most advisers don’t like this type of business. I do!”

Case studies

Lisa Jones
Former Partner and Head of Private Client Department Rix & Kay Solicitors

“Gary has advised my clients for many years. His knowledge and experience means that he can be relied upon to give the best advice and is able to respond quickly to queries. His expertise in the area of trusts and tax planning has meant that he has been able to advise my clients on a whole range of trust scenarios”

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