Panoramic Podcast - When can I Retire?

When it comes to retiring, it often is not as simple as full retirement on the Friday afternoon, never to work ever again. Gary look into various routes to retirement and answers the age old question of "When can I retire?"
Nov 18, 2020 by Gary Jefferies

"You can only clear your garage once".

Retirement has changed so therefore, planning for retirement must follow suit. With many of these individuals who had Final Salary Pensions retiring early (or at least promptly), it has lead to many of those approaching retirement believing that an early retirement is very much on the cards for themselves.

However, many of these will find they simply can't afford to retire in the manner they wish to should they retire completely when they expect to.

On the other hand, you may able to retire financially but that may not be the best route for you to take as it can leave you unfulfilled, bored and you may find yourself not remaining current.

Gary explores what retirement may look like as well as the the possibilities of phasing retirement either to strengthen your financial position or ensure you remain healthy and active.

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