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What makes Panoramic Wealth Management so different?

It’s because we specialise in helping our clients to realise their financial ambitions and objectives with solutions which perfectly reflect their own personal life journeys, and their own personal landscapes.

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Meet the team

Gary Jefferies

Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

“I want for my clients exactly what I want for myself and my family – to be financially secure because of the good decisions and choices I make. 

This drives our thinking each and every day”

Alison Sayer

Paraplanner & Pension Technician

“We realise that for most people success is about arriving at retirement financially comfortable. I’d back Panoramic to help you on every stage of that journey”


Jill Jefferies

Company Secretary

“I understand that not everyone starts their financial journey from the same place and we all have different personal landscapes. We’re always able to help those with realistic goals”


Ross Jefferies

Trainee Financial Adviser

“I’m really interested in those at the beginning of their personal financial journeys. Our aim is to help them make a good start and find their way”