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Protecting your business via insurance and planning is key

When a business loses an unprotected key revenue generating employee, 19% of those businesses fail in less than 3 months and 58% of businesses fail in less than 2 years. Given this evidence, there is an obvious need for protection to be in place.

Together, we will look to protect you and your business against these threats to ensure continuity for both the business and yourself.

Businesses are able to protect against the potential loss of revenue as a result of the death of a key employee in a number of ways:

Key Person Insurance

The loss to your business losing key personnel can be profound – loss of revenue, lower profitability, difficulty in making repayments on business loans or commercial mortgages.This allows you to protect your business against loss of income or expertise should an important revenue generating member of staff die - including hiring a suitable replacement.

Succession Planning

Succession planning enables surviving shareholders or partners to purchase the shares of a deceased shareholder or partner to ensure business continuity. Should you have a shareholder or partner in a business die, this ensures monies are available to other directors or partners to purchase the shares.

Relevant Life Cover

Companies and businesses often remember to insure the obvious things, such as buildings and vehicles, whilst overlooking the main assets to their business; their personnel.

A life cover policy that is payable by the company and not so much a protection for your business, more a benefit for your Directors, valued work colleagues and their families in the event of their death in service.

Client Story

“As a firm we were looking to ensure that our Practise was suitably protected should anything happen to our key people and having adequate provision in relation to our succession planning. In conjunction with Gary we calculated the value of our key personnel and they were insured by the firm as a means of protecting our turnover should anything happen to them. Additionally we undertook to arrange Life assurance policies all partners in case any of them were to die so that the former partner’s share could be passed to the remaining partners. This was undertaken having certain options if any of the partners died the estate would receive their proceeds in full without any tax implications”.

Ian Steadman

Partner BSR Bespoke, Tunbridge Wells

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