Panoramic Wealth signs PortfolioMetrix to drive investment growth

Why we've chosen PortfolioMetrix as our investment partner, and how this benefits our clients
Aug 24, 2020 by Gary Jefferies

Our Kent-based family-run firm has upwards of GBP160 million Assets Under Influence (AUI) and specialises in working with solicitors and accountants across a broad base of private and corporate clients, as well as numerous family trusts.

We have been advising many of our existing clients for over 30 years. The majority of our clients are owners of successful family companies and partnerships where we advise the current owners and next generations. Having come from a background of family-owned businesses since the 1930s ourselves, we have real empathy with family firms and understand the unique pressures this brings.

Why we chose to work with PortfolioMetrix

Easy access to the dedicated team of highly qualified investment experts at PortfolioMetrix is one of the key attractions of the partnership, as is the availability of portfolios that can be customised to fully meet our individual client needs. The methodology, as well as the technology on offer from PortfolioMetrix, has really impressed us. With a click of a button, we can alter the investment approach or the active/positive weighting seamlessly.

Our investment committee Chairman, Duncan Fry, previously of Morgan Stanley and Fidelity, says: "PortfolioMetrix allows us to tailor portfolios exactly to suit our clients' needs and attitude to risk. With income and growth options across all investment portfolios, we can create a discretionarily managed, active portfolio which should provide proportionate returns while remaining within agreed risk parameters."

How PortfolioMetrix helps us achieve our business goals

Where Panoramic is different from most financial planners is in our view towards the next generation and the provision of a significant offering to first-time investors. Our Financial Planner Ross is age 24 and he specialises in helping our younger clients and can closely identify with their wants and needs. Ross says "I see the partnership with PortfolioMetrix as an opportunity to provide a route into investing for the first-time investor, as there is no barrier to entry in terms of minimum investment amounts. (This can all too often deter younger clients from receiving financial advice) Furthermore, as our generation is increasingly looking to invest in a sustainable manner, we can provide this to our clients very easily through PortfolioMetrix through their ESG focused offering."

Dave Chessell, Distribution Director at PortfolioMetrix, comments: "Being chosen by Panoramic is great news for us. They are a highly respected firm with clients who rely on them to manage a wide variety of investment needs. Their success to date is a testament to their family values and we look forward to working with them to help continue their business growth ambitions."

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